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  1. How do I contact SquareTrade?

    You can call us on 0808 189 1453. Calls are normally free of charge from landlines but charges may apply for mobile phones. You can also call 020 3514 2354 from your mobile. Lines are open between 8am to 8pm Mon–Fri.

  2. How do I file a claim?

    To file a claim, simply click on the File a Claim link at the top of this page. Alternatively you can call the number above. If you have not already submitted your item’s receipt of proof of purchase online, we will ask you for this receipt during the call.

    If you bought your protection plan in a store, you will need to hold on to the receipt. When you need to file a claim, we will ask for some information from that receipt.

  3. If I change my mind and no longer want the protection plan, can I cancel it?

    You can cancel your protection plan at any time. Simply give us a call and we will be happy to help.

    For both in-store and online purchases, you will receive a full refund within the first 45 days, provided you have not already had a claim. After 45 days, we will calculate the pro-rated premium for the period that you have been insured and refund the balance, less the cost of any prior claims.

  4. How do I submit a receipt or proof of purchase for my item?

    You can submit your proof of purchase online, simply click on the My Plans link at the top of this page and follow the instructions. There are also instructions to help you in your SquareTrade welcome email.

    If you bought your protection plan in a store, you will need to keep the receipt. When you file a claim, we will ask for some information from that receipt.

    If you’re having difficulty submitting your proof of purchase, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

  5. Can I transfer my protection plan to someone else?

    Yes. Just give us a call and we can transfer the plan to anyone you’d like.

  6. When I have filed a claim, what happens next?

    For smaller items, we will provide a free prepaid postage label to our authorised service facility for repair. For fragile items like tablets, we may also provide you with a free prepaid postage box to send your item to us. For larger items like TVs, we may arrange for a home repair.

  7. What happens if you cannot fix my item?

    Depending on the issue, we will either arrange for a replacement or refund the replacement cost. The maximum liability over the life of your protection plan is the original purchase price of the insured item. See Terms & Conditions for details.

  8. What doesn’t the SquareTrade protection plan cover?

    SquareTrade covers most things except for intentional damage, loss, and theft*. Accidental damage cover is available on selected protection plans — ensure you select the cover you want before purchasing.

    *Loss and theft may be available on some mobile phone protection plans.

  9. Is there a limit to how many claims I can make?

    Whilst there is not a specific limit on the number of claims you can make, the value of your cover is limited to the original purchase price of your item (the ‘limit of coverage’). The remaining value of your cover will decrease with each claim and your protection plan will be complete once this limit of coverage has been reached. See Terms & Conditions for details.

  10. Does SquareTrade cover commercial use?

    SquareTrade covers items used for personal use. We do not cover any item that is used solely for commercial purposes.

  11. Does SquareTrade cover my item if I’m travelling abroad?

    Our worldwide cover means your item is covered, wherever in the world it breaks. For details on how we process your claim when overseas, please see our Terms & Conditions.

  12. How can I make a complaint?

    We aim to provide you with the best service possible at all times. If we make a mistake, we will aim to put things right as soon as we can. Please click here for more information if you want to complain.

If you have any questions not answered here, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help.
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